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Peter Stork

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Much parental love and care notwithstanding, three monstrous circumstances overshadowed my youth: the tyranny of Nazi Germany, the horrors of WWII and the trauma of its aftermath. 

In the late 1950s, following postgraduate studies in mining engineering and marriage to Elsbeth, my career took us to Egypt, Sierra Leone, India, the USA, with brief stints in Saudi Arabia and Columbia.

Eventually we settled in Australia where our two children, Kevin and Isabel, were born. Over the ensuing fifteen years, heavier management responsibilities taught me much, about people, about careers, and, most of all about my weaknesses and abilities. I also realized that the system was increasingly claiming my soul. Refusal was costly. Into this situation broke unexpectedly God’s redeeming presence mediated through the writings of Thomas Merton.

The dramatic turnaround that followed Elsbeth's and my conversion to faith in Jesus Christ brought with it for the first time the experience of security in the midst of contingency, of forgiveness in exchange for moral failure, acceptance in a world of rivalry and rejection.  Life had begun anew, literally.

New professional possibilities opened up: counseling organizations in relation to their people management needs, and people in their careers. At the same time, I became interested in theology and its relation to contemporary culture; the application of mimetic theory, and the problem of peacemaking in a world of escalating violence. My research eventually resulted in a doctoral thesis Human Rights in Crisis: A Cultural Critique, which was published in 2007.   

At present, I am pursuing post-doctoral research at the Institute for the Advancement of Research of the Australian Catholic University, where I also serve as Sessional Lecturer in the Department of Theology at their Canberra Campus. 

Elsbeth and I are proud grandparents to Jamilah, Benjamin, Christopher, Natasha and Daniel. 

Over the years, we have been exposed to a variety of church traditions.  We presently serve in an Anglican parish.  

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Knowing his dependence on God's ordering of his life and ministry,  St. Paul asked his friends to pray for him with a threefold focus: that doors would open for the proclamation of the mystery of Christ, that his message would be honored by its hearers and that it would rapidly spread (Col 4:3; 2 Thess 3:1). 

As this ministry seeks to speak peace in today's world, I invite your support in prayer keeping these apostolic priorities in mind. Other prayer needs will be posted here as they arise.   

With Gratitude

To all who have prayed for us during the last twelve months while I was recuperating from a cardiac event, Elsbeth and I wish to express our deepest gratitude. Your prayers and ours have been wonderfully answered. 

Through this site and my work at the ACU,  I seek to remind the church that Jesus taught and practiced unconditional love for friends and enemies and that the church has no madate to override his love command either by consenting to or by indirectly supporting state-sanctioned war. Such violence is non-Christian, non-apostolic and totally unlike Jesus. 


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